Enhanced Security and Control

Powered by CloudLinux, a hosting-focused commercial Linux distribution, GURU systems deliver increased stability, usability, speed, control and most importantly, security to your hosted applications.

Built for Modern Hosting

Secure Containment

Each account on our Shared, Dedicated and Reseller Hosting is isolated from others, meaning no access to unauthorised files outside of the account.

Fair Usage for All

Through the containment of accounts, all tenants receive a fair share of system resources – no more noisy neighbours causing problems for your sites.

Automatic Security Updates

Dynamic live patching of the Linux Kernel means no more reboots to apply security updates, boosting uptime and reducing exposure.

Infinite Per-Account PHP Options

Secure Multi-PHP Selector

Easily choose the version and functionality of PHP for each of your accounts.  

We provide PHP 4, right the way through 5 and the very latest version 7 - add to this full php.ini and module configuration.


Some applications require older versions of PHP, which are often no longer supported.

With Secure HardenedPHP even older versions are patched and kept updated.

CloudLinux is a hosting-focused operating system with a vast array of security and performance features that provide unique control and configuration capabilities.