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How it works

Become one of our affiliates and you’ll benefit every time you bring people to us. We’ll give you a personal referral link to give out, and when someone uses it to sign up for GURU, you’ll get a 100% of their first (monthly) order — either as credit with us or cash. Even if we are running a first month promotional offer of £1, you'll still receive the normal monthly amount of their hosting order.

100% of normal first monthly fee.

As long as your friend stays with us for three months, you’ve earned your commission and can withdraw it via PayPal or bank transfer any time. You can also use it to pay for your own hosting with us. We can also accept 'Word of mouth' referrals for those that have signed up not directly with your affiliate link. To get these added please open a ticket to our accounts department and we'll manually assign these to your affiliate account, must be done within the 6 months of your customers initial sign-up.

Here’s what you could earn

Shared Hosting
£8.99 /month
Shared Hosting Boost
£14.49 /month
Shared Hosting PRO
£39.99 /month
Payout amount
£8.99 £14.49 £39.99
Reseller Hosting 10
£23.99 /month
Reseller Hosting 100
£34.99 /month
Reseller Hosting 250
£99.99 /month
Payout amount
£23.99 £34.99 £99.99
Reseller Hosting PRO 100
£69.99 /month
Reseller Hosting PRO 250
£139.99 /month
Payout amount
£69.99 £139.99
Dedicated Hosting Plan 1
£185 /month
Dedicated Hosting Plan 2
£299 /month
Dedicated Hosting Plan 3
£459 /month
Dedicated Hosting Plan 4
£659 /month
Dedicated Hosting Plan 5
£999 /month
Payout amount
£185 £299 £459 £659 £999

GURU Logos

The GURU logos are free to use these for linking purposes. To download more GURU logos, take a look at our Media Kit page.

  • Guru-large.png#asset:1798

    Full Colour Simple Logo EPS or PNG

  • Guru-white-large.png#asset:1800

    White Simple Logo EPS or PNG

  • Guru-Tagline-large.png#asset:1801

    Full Colour Primary Logo EPS or PNG

  • Guru-Tagline-white-large.png#asset:1799

    White Primary Logo EPS or PNG

  • Guru-hostedby.png#asset:1847

    'Hosted by' Full Colour Logo EPS or PNG

  • Guru-hostedby-white.png#asset:1846

    'Hosted by' White Logo EPS or PNG

  • Guru-Cloud-Hosting.png#asset:1884

    'Cloud Hosting' Full Colour Logo EPS or PNG

  • Guru-Cloud-Hosting-White.png#asset:1886

    'Cloud Hosting' White Logo EPS or PNG

Frequently Asked Affiliate Questions

  1. Do I need to be a GURU customer to be an affiliate?
  2. Is there a delay before I can request payout?
  3. Can I use my referral balance to pay for GURU hosting?
  4. So what's the catch?
  1. No! 

    Contact us and we'll set you up as an affiliate. 

  2. Yes, your referral must stay with us, as a continuous customer, as the same account, for a period of 3 months from when the account is first started.

  3. Yes, of course - we find customers love to use this option. 

    Simply let us know and we’ll convert it to a credit on your account.

  4. None! We value your recommendations, and believe it should be well rewarded.

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Cloud Hosting

Web Hosting optimised for your application, secure, low contention and high performance.

  • Backups as standard
  • cPanel/WHM Included
  • CloudLinux & LiteSpeed Powered
  • Free migration service
  • Best shared option for ecommerce
  • First month only £1+VAT!


Cloud Hosting
Includes Pro?

Private self-healing cloud server configured for secure, high performance application hosting.

  • Hourly Backups as standard
  • cPanel/WHM Included
  • CloudLinux & LiteSpeed Powered
  • Free migration service
  • First month only £1+VAT!