Global CDN for GURU Hosting

Our Global Content Delivery Network brings you closer to your customers

Easy to use, with immediate benefits

With just a few clicks, you can accelerate your customer experience even further, by offloading bulky static assets to be delivered from our global points of presence geo-located closer to your visitors.

Global Network

Always located closer to your visitors, for super-fast delivery

Reach the World

Be local to your global audience even when hosting safely in the UK

Easy setup

Just a few clicks using our LiteSpeed Cache plugin and your CDN will be active

Easy to use

Keep track of your usage or refresh your content via our customer portal, 24x7

Automatic SSL

Deliver your website assets over http or https, automatically

GURU Support

All backed by the 24x7 UK-based GURU team

Global CDN for GURU web hosting

Key features

  • Designed to work perfectly with all GURU hosting
  • Easily serve a global audience
  • Choice of bandwidth, starting at 500GB and scaling with your needs
  • Fixed costs, no unwelcome bills
  • Reduces bandwidth usage of your GURU Hosting



Geo-perfected Content Delivery, simply and easily boost your website speed for international visitors.

  • Global CDN asset delivery
  • Decrease asset load times up to 20x
  • White-label CDN hostname
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Global CDN FAQs

  1. Can I clear the CDN cache if I change my website assets?
  2. Where are your CDN locations?
  3. How does CDN bandwidth work?
  4. My website only has UK visitors, will a CDN help?
  1. Yes, in one simple click from your control panel.

  2. We’re always working to improve our CDN coverage, so exact locations can change, but we always aim to maintain coverage of; UK, EU (West/Central/East), North America (East/West/Central/Canada), Central Americas, South America, Asia (India/Hong Kong/Japan/Malaysia), Australia.

  3. Your CDN bandwidth is completely separate to your GURU Hosting bandwidth, though assets which are not cached in the CDN yet will need to be fetched initially from your GURU Hosting - after which they’re served from the CDN. We’ll email you when you get near your CDN bandwidth limit, and you can simply upgrade.

  4. If you only serve UK-based visitors then a CDN is unlikely to help you site as GURU’s UK-based hosting is already incredibly fast.