Why host your website with GURU?

24/7 UK Based Support

Unlike other providers, GURU operate all our operations from the UK. Staff are fully employed, not contracted and work from our offices in Hemel Hempstead, UK.

No lock in

We let our service speak for itself. We don’t tie you in for contracts that are years and years. We understand projects may only be for a few weeks or months and need to be able to scale upwards as well as down and as such offer monthly rolling services without any tie in. Truly hassle free!

Free migration services

We don’t offer ‘automated’ migration – we have a migrations team (real people!) who are on hand and will plan and assist as much or as little as possible to ensure all your websites are migrated over to GURU without error. Unlike others, we’re able to migrate you from TSOHost, Heart Internet, Fasthosts and UKFAST. In fact, we’re able to migrate from pretty much any provider too, we’ve yet to be beaten!

Established and Trusted provider

GURU is a brand of UKDedicated. UKDedicated have been around since 2002. We operate only in the UK Market and are powering 100s of thousands of websites. Everything that powers the GURU platform is owned and operated by UKDedicated. We own all the cloud hardware and network, all our staff work from our own offices (we don’t outsource!).

Green hosting

GURU Host within some of the most efficient data centres in the UK, using free cooling, hot/cold isle containment, 100% renewable energy, a PuE (Power usage effectiveness) rating of 1.2 and environmental management policy externally assessed to ISO 14001 standards.

We also try to keep paper usage to a bare minimum in the office, only sending out electronic invoices, using the latest servers, latest computers and monitors in the office with all appliances using A+ ratings. Using our TrueCloud system also mean that our systems don’t go to waste, while keeping spare capacity online for peaks its much more efficient than old ‘traditional’ hosting.

Fast and Reliable

GURU is built with on the foundation that speed and reliability will result in more sales and according to Amazon.co.uk, every 100ms decrease in loading time results in a 1% increase in online sales. We leverage this via our unique cloud system, allowing us to provide a 100% Uptime SLA. Our staff know how get the most out of your applications, making those as quick as possible so that your customers get the best possible experience – all resulting in more sales and ultimately more profit. We’re here to keep growing with you, from single shared hosting accounts to multiple, clustered load balanced cloud setups.

Offsite Backups

Does your current hosting company charge you for backups? Your data is extremely important which is why we offer offsite backups every single hours as standard on all accounts.

Included at no extra cost

Companies may offer a base line dedicated, Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Cloud Server for cheaper but does it include everything we do at no extra cost?

It is worth noting that every single GURU Dedicated Server (GDS) comes with cPanel, CloudLinux, LiteSpeed, Hourly-offsite backups and is fully managed as standard. Making sure your websites run fast is more to do with the setup of the server than the alleged specification.

Managed MEANS fully managed

All our services are fully hands off, if you order shared, reseller or dedicated it’s managed and monitored exactly the same by our staff. You don’t need to know how to code, how to administer server, how to keep it updated, or have any technical people on staff. We are your technical staff. GURU are here 24/7 to patch, update, monitor and keep your websites running as fast and reliably as possible so that you can keep focus on your own business.


True Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a term that is now thrown around, however, in many cases it’s still the same old hosting that you’re used countless times before. Which means your websites are sat on one server. If that one server fails, or a part of it fails – your website will go down.

At GURU we offer what we consider ‘true’ cloud hosting. The server that your websites are hosted on are not tied to a single server. The computing and storage elements that make up your hosting server are not tied to a single server. Running both storage and computing elements separate means that we can move you, without downtime, between hardware – add more hardware or even take it out of service for maintenance without any issues.