Media Kit

Welcome to the GURU Media Kit area. You can download individual assets in each section. If you want everything, use the button below to download a .zip file:

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You're welcome to use these logos on your websites, if you do tweet us - we love to know!

  • Guru-large.png#asset:1798

    Full Colour Simple Logo EPS or PNG

  • Guru-white-large.png#asset:1800

    White Simple Logo EPS or PNG

  • Guru-Tagline-large.png#asset:1801

    Full Colour Primary Logo EPS or PNG

  • Guru-Tagline-white-large.png#asset:1799

    White Primary Logo EPS or PNG

  • Guru-hostedby.png#asset:1847

    'Hosted by' Full Colour Logo EPS or PNG

  • Guru-hostedby-white.png#asset:1846

    'Hosted by' White Logo EPS or PNG

  • Guru-Tagline-hostedby.png#asset:1853

    'Hosted by' Full Colour with Tagline Logo EPS or PNG

  • Guru-Tagline-hostedby-white.png#asset:1852

    'Hosted by' White with Tagline Logo EPS or PNG

  • Guru-Cloud-Hosting.png#asset:1884

    'Cloud Hosting' Full Colour Logo EPS or PNG

  • Guru-Cloud-Hosting-White.png#asset:1886

    'Cloud Hosting' White Logo EPS or PNG

GURU 'G' Badge Logo

  • GURU-G-badge-midblue-preview.png#asset:1814

    GURU 'G' Mid-Blue Badge Logo EPS or PNG

  • GURU-G-badge-midblue-shine-preview.png#asset:1815

    GURU 'G' Mid-Blue Badge (with shine) Logo EPS or PNG

  • GURU-G-badge-paleblue-preview.png#asset:1824

    GURU 'G' Pale-Blue Badge Logo EPS or PNG

  • GURU-G-badge-paleblue-shine-preview.png#asset:1822

    GURU 'G' Pale-Blue Badge (with shine) Logo EPS or PNG

  • GURU-G-badge-darkblue-preview.png#asset:1830

    GURU 'G' Dark-Blue Badge Logo EPS or PNG

  • GURU-G-badge-darkblue-shine-preview.png#asset:1831

    GURU 'G' Dark-Blue Badge (with shine) Logo EPS or PNG