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In order for your interaction with our website to work, we need to store some cookies in your browser.

  • If you're logged in, such as to comment on a blog post or if you're placing an order, the cookies will track you and may identify you via the information you submit to us. These cookies are essential, we cannot provide the service without them.
  • If you click one of our adverts from social media, we may use analytics software to track your visit, but we do not personally record who you are. This enables us to ensure you see more relevant advertisements, and to avoid annoying you. If you enable do-not-track, we make efforts to respect this.
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  • We will not store or use any personally identifiable information unless you submit that information to us, in which case we will carefully store such information and Process only in accordance with providing your service, respecting your marketing controls and within the EU GDPR.
  • Some third party services, such as our Live Chat application, may set additional cookies or track beyond our control. In each case we have ensured those services operate in compliance with EU GDPR.