Changes to Privacy Policy FAQs

We are updating our Privacy Policy!

We are making a few changes to our Privacy Policy to make sure we are even more transparent with our customers regarding how we manage your personal data.

These are the changes we are making to our Privacy Policy and the reasons why:

New clause:

For the purposes of security and detection of fraudulent behaviour, we have implemented an automated control system. This system makes use of cookies and other similar tracking technologies, to track and analyse certain behaviours of the users on the site associated with their IP addresses and other personal data associated with the browsing on the site. The consequence of such processing is that, if a visitor attempts to engage in fraudulent conduct on the site (for example in order to benefit several times from the same promotion without having the right to do so), we reserve the right to exclude such persons from the promotion or to take any other appropriate measures for our own protection.

What it means:

We may use cookies to protect our business from fraudulent purchases. We will only use cookies where we have a legitimate  purpose, or your explicit consent.

New Clause:

As part of our marketing efforts and in the legitimate interest of Namesco, we may send marketing emails promoting similar products or services to our customers, in compliance with the soft opt-in exemption. This exemption allows us to contact our existing customers with offers for products or services that are similar to those they have previously purchased from us. Further information on soft opt-in can be found here:

What it means:

Soft opt-in is a term used for when a business sends marketing communications using customer data they gathered when that customer bought or expressed interest in their products or services. We will never market products to you under soft opt-in which are not similar to those you have already purchased. As stated in our Privacy Policy, further information on soft opt-in can be found here:

New Clause:

Analytics activities by means of tracking through the use of cookies and similar technologies, aimed at verifying and measuring the quality and effectiveness of our online advertising campaigns, in order to improve the performance of those campaigns, as well as the services offered by us.

What it means:

This clause expands on the cookies that we may use to ensure that our website is working effectively, and to provide you with the best possible products and services. We will only use cookies where we have a legitimate  purpose, or your explicit consent.

New Clause:

To register a domain name, you must provide certain personal information including:

  • Contact Information: your name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Identity Verification: Some Registries may also require you to provide additional documentation to verify your identity, such as a government issued ID or passport.
  • Additional contact point: Some Registries may require you to provide one or more additional contact points, who will be responsible for e.g. administrative or technical aspects of the domain registration.

Your Personal Data will be used for the following purposes:

  • Verifying your identity and contact information
  • Billing and invoicing for the domain registration
  • Providing customer support and assistance
  • Communicating important information about the domain registration and renewal

The domain Registrar as the entity responsible for managing the registration of domain names, is responsible for collecting and storing your Personal Data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. They may share the Personal Data with other Registrars in order to register a domain. The domain Registry, as the entity responsible for maintaining the database of registered domain names, will receive your Personal Data. The Registry uses this information to maintain accurate and up-to-date records of the registered domain names, and to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The Registrar and Registry may also be required to share your Personal Data with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) as a part of the compliance process with ICANN's policies.

What it means:

We have expanded on what information you may be expected to provide to the Registries when you purchase a domain name from us. This varies depending on the domain you have purchased.

New Clause:

The Group, consisting of several brands and subsidiaries, can improve coordination and resource allocation by sharing data internally. This allows for more efficient collaboration on product, campaign, and customer service improvements. Personal Data may be shared among Group companies for marketing statistics, internal administration, and reporting purposes, but only in an amount necessary for the intended use and with proper protective measures in place to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure.

What it means: We wanted to expand on the structure of the group, and the information that may be shared between our group companies.